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Our electricians work hard to provide all our customers with excellent electrical services at competitive prices and customized service

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Load shedding is a very real and trying reality for every South African. See Our Solutions by clicking below!

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Amptex plumbers are happy to share their plumbing knowledge, skills, and experience to help keep your home or business running clean, comfortable, and smoothly

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Customers know, they can count on us, to keep their generators up and running with our regular generator service and repairs.

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Why Choose AMPTEX?

Boasting over 25 years of unmatched expertise, Amptex Projects has been the cornerstone of excellence, meeting and exceeding the varied needs of our residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Our comprehensive suite extends to all electrical, plumbing, solar and generator services—including expert repairs and sales.

Let our legacy of proficiency be the foundation for solving your needs with unparalleled quality and reliability.

Experience unrivalled peace of mind with Amptex Projects—our dedicated in-house electricians and plumbers, coupled with our own 24/7 friendly call center, ensure excellence in service without relying on contractors.

Trust in our commitment to outstanding customer care!

Our expert teams offer prompt, courteous, and dependable services within 90-min or the call out is FREE Now how can it get any better than this!


  • Absolutely NOT. We take great pride in the fact that all our field and call center staff are direct Amptex employees. They are highly trained and share the same commitment to excellence and customer service as our Founder & CEO, Wouter Pienaar.

Selecting Amptex Electricians & Plumbers as your exclusive service provider guarantees you access to a level of expertise, commitment, and quality that is unmatched in the industry. Here’s why Amptex is the superior choice:

  1. Unmatched Expertise: With over 25 years of industry leadership, our team’s expertise is unparalleled. We tackle complex challenges with ease and precision, setting the standard in electrical and plumbing solutions.

  2. Superior Quality of Service: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of service excellence. Our use of advanced technology and the ongoing training of our dedicated staff ensure that every job is performed flawlessly.

  3. Dedicated Teams: Unlike other companies, we operate solely with in-house professionals. This not only ensures consistent quality but also imbues a sense of pride and dedication in every task we undertake.

  4. Transparent and Fair Pricing: Our pricing is designed to be straightforward and fair. We provide clear, upfront costs without hidden fees, emphasizing integrity and trust in every transaction.

  5. Tailored Customer Experience: At Amptex, we believe in a bespoke service experience. We listen to your needs and customize our services to provide maximum satisfaction and effectiveness.

  6. Immediate Response: Available 24/7, our response teams are ready to address your needs promptly, ensuring that help is always just a call away, any time of day or night.

  7. Safety and Compliance: We strictly adhere to all safety standards and regulatory guidelines, providing services that are not only effective but also secure and compliant.

By choosing Amptex Electricians & Plumbers, you are not just selecting a service; you are opting for an exclusive partnership that promises peace of mind, reliability, and a commitment to excellence that distinguishes us from the rest. Trust Amptex to keep your systems running at their best, with unmatched professionalism and care.

  • Our call-out fee covers the initial travel and diagnostic services provided by our highly skilled technicians. This fee ensures that we can maintain the highest standard of service and availability for all our clients.
  • At Amptex Projects, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality and reliable service. Our pricing reflects the expertise of our technicians, our investment in high-quality equipment, and our commitment to solving your issues effectively and efficiently.

Compliance Certificate | COC | ECC 

  • Step 1: We conduct a thorough visual inspection of your premises. Unlike other companies, we charge a single inspection fee per premises, not per distribution board. This fee covers a standard-sized property and typically takes about 1 hour. Additional time is billed hourly. If your property is compliant, no additional fees beyond the inspection fee are required. However, if your property is not compliant, we will provide a separate quote for necessary repairs. Upon completion of these repairs, we will issue your compliance certificate. Step 2: To issue the certificate, we require a copy of the utilities account to verify the legal registered address of the property.
  • Free quotes are provided when the job does not require the application of our expertise to diagnose or solve a problem. Paid quotes are necessary when we need to use our professional knowledge and skills to determine the fault and the appropriate solution.
  • We accept Cash on Delivery (COD) payments, which can be made via EFT or with a credit/debit card. Please note that all invoices must be settled before our team leaves the job site.
  • Deposits are required on larger projects
  • Reach out to us if you need to make a payment arrangement 
  • We service all major metro areas within our operating region Johannesburg.  Here is just a few of the suburbs we service:
    • Randburg
    • Sandton
    • Bryanston
    • Parktown
    • Greenside
    • Fourways
    • Douglasdale
    • Sunninghill
    • Etc…

Please contact our call center or check our website to confirm service availability in your area.

  • You can schedule an appointment by calling our dedicated customer service line, visiting our website, or through our mobile app.
  • We offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs.
  • In the event of an emergency, please call our emergency service number immediately. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure your safety and minimize damage.
  • We understand that continuity can be important. You can request a specific technician, and we will make every effort to accommodate your preference.
  • Subject to availability.

Essential Electrical Terms Explained

  • This document certifies that the electrical installations in the property conform to the legal requirements laid out by the South African National Standards.
  • An ECOC is a legal document that certifies that the electrical installations in a property conform to the safety regulations set out by the South African National Standards. This certificate is required in several situations:
    • Transferring of Property: When a property is sold, it is mandatory for the seller to provide a valid ECOC to the buyer, ensuring that the electrical systems are up to code at the time of transfer.
    • Landlords: Landlords must ensure that rental properties are electrically compliant at all times. Although the law does not mandate a new certificate each time a tenant changes, landlords often choose to obtain a new ECOC to ensure compliance and avoid legal liabilities.
  • The ECOC is valid for two years, meaning that if any new electrical installation or alteration is done during this period, a new certificate must be issued for those changes. However, the existing ECOC for other parts of the installation remains valid until the two-year expiration, unless otherwise specified by local laws or regulations.
  • A common term used to describe when a circuit breaker or safety switch turns off the electrical circuit automatically to prevent harm or damage.
  • A term used to describe a situation where a water heating system / geyser  is not providing hot water, which may be due to electrical issues affecting the heating element or thermostat
  • An electrical supply system panel that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit.
  • A specific location where a light fixture is installed or can be installed.
  • A switch that controls the flow of electricity to a light fixture, allowing it to be turned on and off.
  • An electrical outlet designed to accommodate one plug for powering a single device.
  • An electrical outlet that accommodates two plugs, allowing two devices to be powered from a single point.
  • The network of wires installed in buildings to provide power and carry electrical current to various points of use.
  • Lighting fixtures mounted on a continuous track containing electrical conductors. This type of lighting is often used for accentuating architectural features or artwork.
  • A heating element is a component of an electrical device designed to generate heat when electrical current passes through it. These elements are commonly found in appliances like electric water heaters, ovens, and toasters.
  • The element works on the principle of Joule heating, where electric current passing through a resistor (the element material) converts electrical energy into heat. This is due to the resistance of the material, which resists the flow of electrical current, causing it to heat up.
  • Elements are typically made from materials that have a high melting point and good electrical resistance, such as nichrome (a nickel-chromium alloy) or kanthal.
  • A device that automatically regulates temperature, or activates a device when the temperature reaches a certain point.
  • Electrical devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They are commonly used in various applications from small appliances to large industrial machines.
  • Electrical systems or circuits that operate at a lower voltage than the main power supply. In South Africa, “low voltage” typically refers to voltages less than 1000 volts.
  • Advanced diagnostic techniques and methods used to identify, locate, and correct malfunctions in complex electrical and electronic systems. This often involves using sophisticated testing equipment and software.
  • Circuit Breakers: Automatic electrical switches designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit. They detect a fault condition and interrupt current flow.
  • Fuses: Safety devices consisting of a strip or wire of fusible metal that melts and interrupts the circuit when too much current flows through it, thereby preventing further damage.

Essential Plumbing Terms Explained

  • A condition where flow is restricted or stopped due to an obstruction in the pipes.
  • A drain pipe that has fallen in or been crushed, impeding flow and causing backups.
  • A pipe that has ruptured due to pressure, corrosion, or freezing, leading to water leakage.
  • Steel pipes coated with zinc that have corroded over time, often leading to leaks or reduced water flow.
  • The main vertical pipe that carries waste and water vapor out of a building.
  • A mechanical device used to clear blockages in plumbing lines with a rotating cutting tool.
  •  A document that verifies the plumbing work complies with regulatory standards.
  • A technique that uses sound frequency or vibrations to detect hidden leaks in a plumbing system.
  • A hot water tank or boiler that has failed and leaked, often due to overpressure or corrosion.
  • A situation where water spills over from a system due to excess flow or blockage.
  • A curved section of drain line that holds water, preventing sewer gases from entering the building.
  • A valve that reduces the water pressure in a plumbing system to a safer level.
  • A device used to prevent dirty water from flowing back into the clean water supply.
  • A pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a sump basin, commonly found in basements
  • A T-shaped fitting used to join three sections of pipe, allowing for a branch connection.
  • A pipe that allows air into a plumbing system to help water flow smoothly without air locks.

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Gavin Langley
Gavin Langley
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Fast service from the moment they answered the phone to the moment they arrived at my door. Great staff. Sorted me out. Simple and clear comms. Great experience.
George Maree
George Maree
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Excellent service Amptex but also Greg very professional!!! Quick and efficient My new one stop shop.
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Good place. Customer service excellent