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Amptex Is Proudly B-BBEE Level 2

Amptex Projects is proud to be a B-BBEE contributor. As a Level 2 company, we strive to deliver professional, efficient 24 Hour Electrical & Plumbing services.

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All our team members have undergone extensive training in all aspects of the electrical trade and are fully qualified to diagnose, carry out repairs, new installations and maintenance on electrical boards, wiring, fixtures and fittings associated with electrical installations. Learn more


All our team members have undergone extensive training in all aspects of the plumbing trade and are qualified to diagnose, repair, install and maintain pipes and fixtures associated with heating, cooling, water distribution, and sanitation systems in residential and commercial structures. Learn more


Turnkey Maintenance Solutions…

Amptex Projects provides turnkey maintenance solutions for your home. Whether you need assistance with a electrical or plumbing emergency or waterproofing for your leaking roof –  we are here to help! Need assistance with your bathroom renovations? Amptex Projects has a comprehensive solution for all your electrical and plumbing needs.

Our expertise include electrical, plumbing & waterproofing services. This is made up of maintenance, new installations and construction for home, industrial and commercial applications.

Amptex Projects was founded in 1999 with the purpose of providing the highest quality service and products to clients requiring any electrical, plumbing or waterproofing services.

Amptex Projects is proudly associated with the following recognised Professional Bodies:

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About Us & Why We are
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If a high level of excellence and reliability is important to you, Amptex should be your first point of call for any electrical or plumbing related services.

We have 22 years of comprehensive expertise and experience in serving the needs of our residential, commercial and industrial clients. Our team of qualified, certified and experienced electricians and plumbers will deliver the desired results without any compromise in quality.  

We work by quickly and correctly diagnosing the root cause of the problem so that we can problem-solve effectively and efficiently.

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