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What should I do if a switch on my electrical board keeps tripping?

  1. Turn off all the lights and appliances affected by the tripped switch: Switch everything you can to the OFF position. If your TV went out and it doesn’t have a manual OFF switch, unplug it. It’s best not to have any electronics drawing electricity when the circuit breaker is reset (in step 3 below), or further damage could be done. The sudden surge of power could adversely affect your home computer, fan, or gaming system.
  2. Find your circuit box and search for the breaker(s) in the OFF position: Some circuit breakers have a red or orange color if they are switched OFF.
  3. Flip the breaker from OFF to ON: Then, simply turn back on the appliances and devices you turned off in step 1, and you should be fine. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping contact us to check it out.

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