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And WHAT EXACTLY is load shedding??

Although there is no load-shedding during the day, Eskom could still cut off the power. Yes, out of the blue – on a sunny Sunday morning. Although nothing can dampen your desire for a well-deserved coffee at this point, with just enough ambient light filtering through the curtains to tease your senses with its tempting aromas, you hear an unfamiliar voice from outside: “Have you been served yet?” It is a gas person delivering gas canisters. You feel relieved.

As we move into the winter, it’s crucial to ensure our homes are prepared for the cold weather. One way to do this is to provide to our homes generators that are in good working order. This blog post will look at some tips for load shedding and generator maintenance.



A pain in the neck we all love to hate!

What is load shedding?

Load shedding is used when Eskom intentionally causes rolling blackouts implemented during periods of high demand on the electrical grid. These blackouts are necessary to prevent the grid from becoming overloaded and collapsing.

Another way to explain what load shedding is. Load shedding is when an entity intentionally lowers the amount of load on your power source. It’s generally used in electricity when demand exceeds the power source’s capacity.

Your family relies on a generator for electricity, making electricity available only when the generator works, that’s to say IF the generator works. Power cuts often cause power outages and roll-cuts, making operating a coffee grinder difficult. I have tried and can tell you it was not successful at all!

As you have now had a multitude of experiences with load-shedding, it is an inconvenience, but thankfully here at Amptex Projects, we all understand that the value of a well-maintained and serviced generator is as important as purchasing a new unit.

The generator is now an asset of great value we cannot afford to either not obtain or maintain. A well-maintained generator is an essential part of our lives in South Africa, where we demand power on a 24/7/365 basis.

A poorly maintained generator can cost you valuable time and money by failing to deliver when it’s needed the most. Regular maintenance services will ensure you save on unnecessary costs and the inconvenience of a prized possession not working correctly and efficiently.

Generators & how to maintain them

Reading the instructions inside the manual and the stickers on the outside is always agreeable. A generator enclosed incorrectly is a fire hazard, so please only use what the agent of the generator suggests to you.

The generator needs to stand in a well-ventilated area to ensure the released gasses that are very toxic and dangerous to evaporate – ventilation is essential.

One: If you purchase your generator, you will get home and find that some of the generators are incredibly light. The reason why the generator is so weak is that there is no oil or diesel inside it. Please purchase the correct oil for the make and model and pour it is

Two: Is the battery fitted? You might have to purchase a new one, but some may already have theirs. It is just not done.

Three: Make sure you have the correct tool to fit the spark plug

Four: Completely drain all oil out of the generator

Five: Make sure you have the tank filled up with diesel

Five: Open the fuel tap and start the generator

Alternatively, our well-experienced generator technicians are available on 011 791 6121 / 082 403 3450 to get the generator serviced and repaired. You are also welcome to collect a full-service kit from our new office as of July 22

Servicing and regular maintenance checks are just as necessary in South Africa as a new generator, and some minor repairs can quickly become such a massive expense that it would not even be worth repairing it but instead purchasing a new one.

A poorly maintained generator is an increased risk for carbon monoxide poisoning, damage to the generator, damaging to appliances on the property.

Under no circumstances is any cover to be used to protect the generator from the elements. Other than what the supplier has provided. Once it starts its running cycle, this may damage the generator.

Whether your business requires standby, emergency, or backup generators, Amptex Projects has you covered with the best service at the right price for all your commercial, industrial, and residential needs!

A power outlet is not always available when you need to charge your device. A control panel can easily be installed for most generators: power when you need it when you don’t have it, and in-between power. You get easily installed separate units or units already fixed to the generator.

Whether you have a home, business, factory, or perhaps a loved one depending on standby generators for power backup Amptex Projects’ clientele includes mining houses, commercial factories, and household Amptex Projects have you covered with the best service; at the right price and for all your needs!

Contact our offices today to dispatch a team and determine not only the size of the generator but the best position and installation – you can call us on

011 791 6121

The benefits of having a generator

Suppose the electrical grid from Eskom has to be shut down in areas ea. Loadshedding and the power go out. You want it back on as soon as possible. If a generator fault occurs while it’s out of warranty, you need your generator to be repaired efficiently and effectively. The first thing you should do is, with the most prolonged wooden-handled spoon, switch the generator circuit breaker off. Customers know they can count on us to keep their generators up and running with our regular generator service and repairs. We also stock a range of replacement parts in the event of a breakdown to keep them up and running all year round.

Why is a generator essential for your home? There are several ways you can use a generator. You can use it to run your equipment when the power goes out, whether at home or at your business. Second, you can use it to fuel up your vehicles. Generators are also helpful if you’re living in an area where power outages are a daily occurrence, and you need a backup source of electricity. There are several other reasons why you should buy a generator. First, it will give you a way to keep the power in your house or business in case of a power outage. Second, if you live in an area where power outages occur more frequently, a generator is helpful as a backup source of electricity. A portable generator provides a reliable power source at home when you need it. Generators might indeed be expensive and noisy.

More and more companies depend on standby generators for power backup. Our clientele includes mining houses, commercial factories, and household names who need a reliable backup to their regular electricity supply. Amptex Projects offers generator services, repairs, and sales on all generator sizes. Site assessments can be scheduled on request.

Having a backup power source is critical in any home or business. There’s nothing worse than a forgotten light switch at 3 am, but what if you could get rid of that completely? What if you could be in complete control with the flick of your wrist and never have to worry about blackouts again

Generator companies provide repairs and maintenance services, including emergency backup, consulting, and custom package building.

Amptex offers generator services, repairs, and sales on all generator sizes. Site assessments can be scheduled on request.

Amptex Projects offers a comprehensive range of generator maintenance and repairs, specialising in generators of all sizes. For detailed information about our services, please browse our website at

Amptex offers on-site assessments and repairs for all types of generators. We also stock replacement parts and offer generator services to private and commercial clients. Customers know they can count on us to keep their generators up and running with our regular generator service and repairs. We also stock a range of replacement parts in the event of a breakdown to keep them up and running all year round.

One of a few services offered by Amptex Project is repairs and sales of generators, as well as maintenance and assessment.

Amptex Projects provide repairs, maintenance, and services, including emergency backup, consulting, and custom package building.

Amptex Projects is a reliable and efficient diesel oil delivery company that can deliver your diesel fuel up to 700 liters per load on a same-day basis. The hose is relatively lengthy and the trailer shorter than the other, which makes it perfect for getting into small alleys.

5 Fun Things To Do During Load shedding

1. Have a braai and look at the skies. When did you and your family last look at the beautiful start scattered over a perfectly black canvas? And don’t forget the marshmallows

2. Build a puzzle WITH A TIMER ON

3. Read a book, encourage each other to remember the wonder of opening the pages of a book and walking into another magical world. 5. Make shaving foam paint and let the kids “paint” the bath.

Soooo, what is your opinion? is the colossal expense considered a long-term investment, or is it a grudge purchase?

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