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You may be asking, “Why is waterproofing even important?” or “why should I choose Amptex?”.

Well, we ensure that each building we waterproof – whether that be a commercial or residential property – follows strict building standards and is done with utmost precision and attention to detail.

Here at Amptex, we understand that waterproofing goes further than just erecting a building or renovating a space, it is about ensuring that the correct maintenance is done on a roof to protect your precious belongings and/or stock of your company.

We keep in mind that insurance company policies include strict wording regarding waterproofing and maintenance, and for that reason, we are very particular about helping you live hassle-free when it comes to all things roofing-related.

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Residential Services


Your Home


Waterproofing prevents water from entering into your home. Usually, waterproofing is applied especially to ridge tiles and valleys of your roof, as this is usually where water would enter. Waterproofing your roof is of utmost importance because it prevents water from entering between roof tiles and running onto the ceiling and interior walls, causing watermarks, as well as damage to the walls and ceiling’s paint – causing discolouration to the ceiling board.

This is one of the most important preventative measures you could take to ensure your property is well maintained.

Amptex Waterproofing takes care of these details so that you don’t have to…

Commercial Services

Helping Your Business Withstand The Elements


We provide effective waterproofing solutions, to not only seal your business’ roof against water damage but also to prevent roof screws from coming loose on your warehouse’s roofing.

Why is this important? During a storm, as heavy winds pick up, you want to ensure that your property can withstand the elements and ultimately protect your precious assets within the building. When waterproofing your commercial property, we also make sure that the weak points of the building are covered – for instance, the sidewall flashings, valleys and around roof extractor fans.


Waterproofing my business

Certified Members


Amptex Waterproofing is registered with the Professional Roof Repair And Waterproofing Association. As members of this organisation we strive to deliver the highest level of excellence in waterproofing and roof repair services.

Waterproofing my business

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