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PV Water Heating Systems

Geyserwise PV Waterheating Systems

The system makes use of photovoltaic technology and a unique PTC AC/DC element to heat the water in the geyser. This differs from the traditional thermal hot water systems where water is cycled from a collector through pipes to the hot water cylinder by either making use of a 220V pump, 12V pump or thermo siphoning.

Advantages over thermal hot water systems are as follows:

• Any existing geyser can be converted
• No Additional plumbing is required
• No pumps necessary to circulate water
• No risk of damaged panels in frost prone areas
• The water temperature can be controlled on very hot summer days – reduced risk of overheating in problems
• Suitable in all water conditions
• Suitable in areas where the geyser is not situated near the panels
• Modular system – can be expanded to build off-grid power system for the home

Any geyser can be fitted with the system and we offer the system for 100L150L and 200L geysers.