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Roofing Repairs

Roof repairs are often crucial to ensure that your property is maintained according to a very meticulous, strict building standard. This is important for the aesthetics and safety of your home while keeping up with the standards of your stipulated by your insurance company.

Here at Amptex, we provide roof repairs to our clients for both residential and commercial properties. Roof repairs are one of the crucial first steps to take if there is a leak in your roof. Once a roof repair is done, one can move on to waterproofing and then onto ceiling repairs if needs be.

We recommend that we assist with even the smallest roof repair – sooner rather than later, as these can often escalate in costly consequences if not attended to properly.

roofing repairs
roof coating
Roof Coating

Effective, Quality



Our Amptex Waterproofing team, provides effective and quality solutions for all your roof coating needs. We specialize in both residential and commercial properties and ensure that your project is done right the first time. Roof coatings provide rubberised barriers for tiled roofs, metal roofs, asbestos roofs or concrete roofs. Our coatings withstand the natural elements by providing highly adhesive, flexible, UV-protective, impermeable barriers for your roof.

Damp Repairs

Giving You

Peace Of Mind


Did you know that one of the many quality services Amptex Waterproofing offers is damp repairs? Damp repairs are usually conducted to a building when walls bubble due to rising damp. 

Damp damages are usually excluded from insurance policies, so we here at Amptex understand the need to attend to damp before it affects the structural integrity of the residential or commercial dwelling.

Whether you have smaller or larger damp issues, we are perfect for the job. Don’t get stuck wishing that you had done damp repairs earlier – have the peace of mind that your building and contents are protected at all times.

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ceiling repairs
Ceiling Repairs




Whether you have a residential property or a commercial property, Amptex is the perfect partner for all your ceiling repairs. We specialize in finding elite and cost-effective solutions to ensure that your ceiling is looking as good as the day it was installed.

Ceiling repairs often go hand in hand with roof repairs, which we understand can be costly if not done properly the first time. Here at Amptex, we make sure that your ceiling repairs are done according to strict building standards.


Installation & Maintenance


Correct guttering prevents damp from occurring on your internal and external walls. Whether you need your gutters to just divert water away from your dwelling or you want to Diverts water into drains or even store water in Jojo tanks- Amptex is your answer.

Our skilled and experienced team can provide you with the installation and maintenance of gutters- ensuring your property is kept in great condition.


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