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Revitalize Your Electrical System with Amptex Projects: Expert Distribution Board Solutions

Facing issues with your electrical distribution board? Let Amptex Projects, your local experts in Randburg and Sandton, bring you the solution. Specializing in distribution board upgrades, our certified electricians ensure your system operates with enhanced safety and efficiency.


Why a Distribution Board Upgrade is Crucial:

✔️ Central to Your Electrical Health: Acting as the nerve center of your electrical setup, a well-functioning distribution board is essential for efficient power distribution and safeguarding your premises from electrical risks.
✔️ Customized Assessments and Solutions: Our team conducts thorough evaluations to pinpoint existing or potential issues, delivering bespoke upgrades that align with your specific needs.


Experience the Amptex Advantage:

✔️ Safety and Satisfaction First: At Amptex Projects, we’re committed to providing electrical services that not only meet but exceed your expectations for safety and reliability.
✔️ Quality Services Offered: From comprehensive distribution board upgrades to meticulous repairs and circuit breaker replacements, we cover all bases using top-tier materials and following strict industry protocols to ensure durability and compliance.


Elevate Your Electrical Infrastructure

Don’t compromise on the efficiency and safety of your electrical system. Reach out to us for a detailed consultation, and let our skilled electricians enhance your home or business’s electrical performance. 

With Amptex Projects, power your space with confidence and peace of mind.