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Municipal Water
Backup Solutions

Uninterrupted Water Supply: Your Solution to Water Shortages

Never endure water shortages again. At Amptex Projects, we empathize with the frustration and inconvenience caused by municipal water disruptions.


Our Water Backup Solutions


✔️ Continuous Flow Guarantee: Our water backup solutions are designed to provide uninterrupted flow, ensuring you never run dry. From storage tanks to backup pumps, we have the expertise to keep your taps flowing, even during water interruptions.


Finance Options Available

We understand that investing in water backup solutions can be a significant expense. That’s why we offer flexible financing options for qualifying customers. With our financing plans, you can secure the uninterrupted water supply you need without the upfront cost.


Don’t Let Water Scarcity Disrupt Your Life

Act now and secure a quote by selecting the button below. While the cost may be an investment, the convenience and peace of mind are invaluable.


Choose Amptex Projects for reliable water backup solutions and embrace uninterrupted water supply in your home or business.


Our Water Backup Components:


✔️ Booster Pump: Ensure continuous water pressure with our reliable booster pump.


✔️ 2–4-Day Water Storage Tank: Never worry about water shortages with our ample storage capacity.

✔️ Piping Valve Installation: Expertly installed piping valves for efficient water distribution.


✔️ Installed Pressure Reducers and Valves: Maintain optimal water pressure with our quality reducers and valves.


✔️ 200–27,000-Liter Plastic Holding Tanks: Choose from a range of tank sizes to meet your water storage needs.


✔️ Pump Protective Cover: Protect your backup pump from the elements with our durable covers.


✔️ Concrete Plinth: Ensure a sturdy foundation for your water storage tank.


How It Works

When there is a water disruption in your neighborhood or a significant drop in pressure, our system automatically detects the loss of pressure and activates the emergency water supply using a pressure booster pump.


✔️ When you turn on a faucet or start a shower, the pump activates automatically.


✔️ When you turn off the water, the pump turns off automatically.


✔️ When the municipal water supply is restored, your water tank refills automatically.


✔️ Once the pressure pump detects that municipal water is back on, you’ll seamlessly resume using municipal water.


Depending on the size of your tank, this water backup system provides you with a backup supply for 24 hours or more, ensuring you never experience water scarcity. It can also prevent your geyser from running out of water. Rest assured, the backup water is safe to drink.


Secure your uninterrupted water supply today. 

Contact Amptex Projects for dependable water backup solutions in Randburg, Sandton, and Johannesburg areas. Don’t let water scarcity disrupt your life – let us keep the water flowing for you.

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