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We have all been there… We have all experienced the harmful effects of a powerful thunderstorm, whether that be a leaking roof or your favourite appliance getting struck by lightning. As South African’s, we all love watching a gorgeous thunderstorm, but there’s nothing worse than when our roofing fails and springs a leak that slowly seeps into our home damaging our ceiling boards and causing other endless issues!

At Amptex, we are here to help protect your most valuable asset from natures fury. We specialise in various waterproofing techniques and roof sealing, as well as roof repairs, damp-proofing and guttering to help you protect your home. 

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Maximum Protection

What Is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the process of making your home waterproof or water-resistant. This process can be done through two methods, determined by the type of roof on your home.  If you have a regular pitch roof, or a concrete roof, we can waterproof using the through torch-on waterproofing. This method is the most trustworthy of all the waterproofing methods and our first choice when it comes to sealing a leaking roof.

The torch-on method makes use of a sealant named a bitumen membrane, which is torched to your roof ensuring maximum protection! This is a guaranteed waterproofing fix for your leaking roof.

If you have a corrugated iron roof or a low pitch roof, we will make use of a waterproofing method called Insulated Roof Cover. This method provides cover for even the toughest storm!


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      Simple! Call our offices, fill in a contact form below or email us at rita@amptex.co.za, we would love to assist you with an obligation-free quotation and advise you on the best waterproofing solution for your specific issue.
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