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24/7 service throughout the year

Why Use Amptex?

Amptex has an established service approach; our statement that we excel in customer satisfaction is no idle statement, as the following facts show:

  • Amptex are geared for the provision of 1st class service, with efficiency, dependability and customer satisfaction being our principal priority.
  • Amptex offer maintenance contracts, thus enabling you to budget for the unexpected.
  • Each one of our highly skilled repair teams consists of 1 tradesman and 1 helper. Each team is required to stay constantly in touch with Amptex Control Room and their vehicles are well equipped with an extensive set of tools and materials.
  • Staff training is on-going and includes, in addition to technical refresher courses, training in all aspects of customer service to ensure total customer satisfaction.
  • Amptex guarantees the workmanship.
  • For your complete peace of mind, we carry a comprehensive insurance against “faulty workmanship” and “public liability”